Our Approach

Since our inception, Bright Black has been focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

Bright Black is not your typical architecture practice. We’re a professional service consulting firm that specializes in project documentation and customizing solutions for architecture firms nationwide.


We’re an expert team of seasoned, pressure-tested thinkers and architects who work fast, have your back, and give you our absolute best. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but our craft is a different story.


Building trust takes time and consistency, and the reward is seamless productivity.  We communicate openly and honestly with you, striving to share information in the clearest, transparent manner possible. Our goal is to implement solutions. However, at times we will present you with constructability challenges that may have been overlooked during the initial design. We believe a culture of candor is critical to a project’s success.

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Marissa D. Fuher, AIA, NCARB

President | Architect

Spokane, Washington

Grey Theme Objects

Rachel Anderson-Sedgwick

Project Manager

Butler, Pennsylvania